Tales From 4th and Jackson

by Roland Ramos Vienna

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released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Roland Ramos Vienna New York, New York

Roland Ramos Vienna is the musical project of Roland Ramos. A Singer songwriter who creates music based on his travels and interactions.

As an avid curator of the arts, Roland has made it his mission to raise funds directly through music sales. Sales pay for travel costs and accommodations during his international artistic endeavors.

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Track Name: Roland Ramos - Paz Y Amor
Paz Y Amour

Derive Strength from the lord and my anscenstors
With energy that's as deep as the seas
As I walk through the valley with my head held high.
Deaf Dumb blind, Itinually know Jah Guide
Rastafari is a prophet and a king
If you speak the truth, ten you find the truth in everything.
This ain't no flavor of the month.
Hit Bottom then bottom out, consult your faith., turn your face and look up. Raise your voice and make a joyful sound.

Paz Y Amor

Guns, Drugs, Everywhere we look we see the youth run.
For Protection, And poetry, you find that on the corner in section 8.
Hear the RustedRoots and ghetto pride, Them stoops thery come alive
Ruthless stay in side, them rats they multiply
Given thanks and praises Jah Provide
The Party is so live in the ghetto,
you can get lost in the ghetto
Work your wood, like Gipetto with

Track Name: Roland Ramos - Purple
Purple like the rock round your neck
Tied up tight, looking good when ya flex
Pushing out dance, like an African goddess
You so modest,
throwin out all of your vibes through your bodice
Feel this coming out with ease
Girl it's exstacy, when your right ext to me.
Dace around the maypoae,
Hoola hoop the dance floor

Come Girl, Lets change the world.
I'll see you at Starwood.
I'm an astronaut round this discoteque
And you can bring me back to earth with a cigarette
Exodus, with a bit of sage
I'm your Indian, spirit man, tripping off, mescaline
I'll like them vibes that you throw
You make your own clothes
Phish, you been to every show
You Rock and Roll on the stage

Come Girl, Lets change the world
I'll see you at Starwood

Purple like the rock round your neck
Tied up tight, looking good when ya flex
Pushing out dance, like African goddess
You so modest, Pushin all of your vibes through your bodice
Feel this coming out with ease
Girl it's exstacy, dancing next to me.
Dance around the maypoke,
Hoola hoop the dance floor
Heaven on the dance Floor
Hoola Hoop a dance floor
Track Name: Roland Ramos - Why do we Hurt the Ones we Love the Most
Why do we hurt the ones we love the most
Can we be so blind, to look past all the time
and energy, we place in someone else.
Sometimes we hurt, to then usurp
the soul inside the shell
And Lying is a stone that can't stop rolling on it's own.
how many times,
have you surmised to belittle out of love
So they can grow,
a cut above the person we would like to be in love with.

With all their faults, lest ye be judged.

there are those whose only remedy for life's to console by reciving many blows,
Or to bring others low, as the one who feels the pain.
Sometimes, we're absent of mind.
It only goes so far, either madness or art,
and it always ends the same no matter how it might start
one gets hurt, and the one who does the hurting
gets the blame.
Track Name: Roland Ramos - Eureka C.A.
And so there is comfort, in the arms of another.
Kind, behind Gizelles eyes
came from the west side,
armed only with poems,
and the hope

of making connections
for all her best friends
in Eureka, CA

let your blonde dreads spill
over me, and into this heart
cleansed by the sun light
no trace of last night,
and no trace of her

She's done with lifes' complications,
mundane frustrations are bringing her down
its all on the sign on the door.
She ain't coming back no more.
Shes' gone fly, on the hopes...

When all your life is changes
and you long for sameness
Eureka, Your back in CA
Track Name: Roland Ramos - In the Field
In the field, the tree of life grew out the waters of creation
one by one, the books my father read have become clearer to me.
We are all a combination of mind soul and body.
the din of indecision is put to rest.
looking down
the ground had disappeared into a sea of stars
through the eye of a needle pass the universe.

From the day I start to live, to the day my heart will give
i can only deal with time right in front of me.
from a place inside your heart, is where the universe starts
when the disonance parts
we can see LOVE clearly.

We can see, we can see, we can see
Track Name: Roland Ramos - Dulcemont
Softly, on this Satin night,
your profile speaks to me, Dulcemont
loud as the ocean, crashing against my shores
you gaze upon that starlit sky,
the butterflies inside me fly dulcemont

the Ball rages, with your champagne in hand,
and that look inside your eyes, dulcemont
the railing confines you,
infinity sings us a lullaby
the moon on your skin makes me dizzy with longing
for Just a few moments of sin,
but I rescind, Dulcemont

We are the lucky, having a chance at love
others resign their luck to the draw
tortured spirits, never take the chance
youth is wasted on the young,
and fantasy fulfilled is not for everyone.

knowing full well
that the sound and the swell
of the trade winds are capturing me
I straighten my tie, and position our eyes
on the chance they might happen to meet,
and be received, Dulcemont.
Track Name: Roland Ramos - Spring is Here Again
Under snow, lies the promise, that a seed shall turn to tree
Out of sight, it does grow.
As the tide reveals a sandy beach, in its light and lazy way.
Winter months, give way to warmer days

Flowers Bloom, thanks to whom
Its Spring, Spring is here again.

under cover, of them rolling clouds
She keeps us warm in her embrace
till we sprout, out of mother earth

We are leaves, and like branches
all who know her, feel her warmth
Turning brown into green again


Summer Months may burn you
In the heat, July or June
Autumn leaves may be dazzeling
Can't compare with You-know-who
Track Name: Roland Ramos - BLVD East
Driving at night, going 80 mph
the stars fall like a shower under the wheels of my car
Driving so fast.
I just can't escape your grasp
or the memory of your face, telling me you can't wait for my love.

Standing feet to feet, upon Blvd East
telling me that patience is the flower your most allergic to
I tried to chill, but the words "I Love You" Don't sit well
when their being pulled like oysters from a shell.

took off so quick, cause you had me saying shit
that I don't necessarily believe
oh Jah-Jah Please, let these windshield wipers clean
any trace of redemption,
or this vast misconception of my love.