The Intention

by Roland Ramos Vienna

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released April 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Roland Ramos Vienna New York, New York

Roland Ramos Vienna is the musical project of Roland Ramos. A Singer songwriter who creates music based on his travels and interactions.

As an avid curator of the arts, Roland has made it his mission to raise funds directly through music sales. Sales pay for travel costs and accommodations during his international artistic endeavors.

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Track Name: Roland Ramos - PolyAnna
Polyanna, Polyanna, I could fall for you.
And lay beside the bluest eyes my world has ever knew.
Thats not the way you're headed, in affairs of the heart.
But you would love me here and now, until its time to part.

And its Reverential, long goodbyes,
Adoration of that feminine side.
Hearts be graceful, like a swan.

Polyanna, Polyanna, Theres a table and a chair.
The rest is complicated by the way you wear your hair.
This one likes it up.
This one loves your curls
And this one lets the seasons change, cause you can't stop the world.

And its reverential, Long Goodbyes.
Competition for the apple of your eye
Heres a smile, take it fast.
heres a toast to beauty that wont last.

Polyanna, Polyanna, I need some peace of mind.
To ponder all your other loves, or just enjoy my time.
Well, isn't that the crux. the part that says "beware".
Should one sow the seeds of love in Earth that will not bare.
Track Name: Graden of Earthly Delights
Before you open up the door,
find the place where all the waters meet.
and the circle in the three floats in a shell chasing rasperris

Turn it over on its side, play the game, but you bet your life.
We are born and then we die. In the garden, we shall spend our lives.

Eagles, Lions, Owls, a Berry in the beak.
Pious, prowess, I feel all the feels

AS I welcome back my breath, break the gaze to observe the next.
I'll be back again my friend, Greyer of hair, and more worse for wear.
In that moment, reflects, everything we are, and will be and Might be!!!!!
Track Name: Everything's Sacred
Come sit around the fire, and stare straight into the sky,
The Gods put us here and called it paradise
The way we fuss and fight and tear a man apart.
Attack of the heart.

We are warriors of spirit, fighting for our souls
Travel abck in time and heal a younger self.
When all the Rhapsody and melody do collide,
Everythings divine.

Is nothing sacred

Find your happy place and falll striaght into your mind.
Meet the order in the sanctum in the sky
Its only nature, human nature to depart.
Play the higher part

Sew them seeds of kindness, they'll never cease to grow,
Cause Money can't go with you when you go.
Our little home is green and blue and floats around.
Gravity abounds.

Is nothing sacred, tell me please,
Is nothing sacred, For you and me to think that you and me are different, is the biggest lie.

Everythings sacred, Hear me please
Everythings sacred, For you and me are simply different branches
on the tree of life, the tree of life.
Track Name: Valley of Lines
Dante once spoke of the wayward path in the dark wood a day in the Life.
While Ahab leapt from the floor of the Pequod in pursuit of the great whale in White.
Ram Dass told me to Be here now, While Keuroac begged me to go.
So I took the road through the Phantom Tollbooth and landed in marigolds.

Its time to walk the valley of lines
Pouring over prose
Reciting Shakespeare
Cause my dear.
When the moth hits the flame, only the stories remain.
Track Name: Out on the Island
September, 1000 Lights in the sky
1000 reasons why we should fall in love tonght.
And I know, the Lights that dot the Casco.
Will guide us all the way home.
Away from all of this.

Out on the Island
Out on the Island
Out on the Island, We broke the light of day.

A bit careless, the coast of peaks in your sun dress
And I would Drop my world to share this one with you
A blanket, the cold of night resounds.
I 'm deafend by the sound
Of your heartbeat with mine.

Out on the Island
Out on the Island
Out on the Island, we broke the light of day

Lighthouses guide the ships to shore and through the shoals
Are there lighthouses for the heart, to guide us home.

Be Patient, the water the lapping the pavement
holds the final word on our elaborate plans.
Extinguish, the harbor ferry will bring us, back to solid ground,
Where we shall recollect.

Out on the Island
Out on the Island
Out on the Island
Track Name: Two More Minutes, Please.
Sunlight greets us on this bed, plush
You say "two More Minutes please"
Morning intrudes on our spoon.
"Two more minutes, Please"
Oh baby, go to sleep, Take all the time you need.
it's Sunday Morning, rest in Peace.
Two more minutes, please.

I'll bring Breakfast, you pull me back in.
Share a laugh with me.
Time does march on, when we 're having fun.
Two more minutes please.

So Calm and so serene, enveloped by the breeze
And to have you in my arms
This close to you I fall apart, Im nothing but a heart and smile that you bring to me.
Two more minutes, please.
Track Name: Rain in Georgia
When night grows dim, and steals the sky
All the light i need is in your eyes.
Walk with me, and never want.
Ill fight for us in all we come across.

Its your smile that keeps this old heart beating.
i need you now.

Like the rain in Georgia,
Like the Sun after long midnight Stars
After all this time.
After all this time.
Track Name: Me or the Music
"Me or the Music" - Roland Ramos
Lady, let me ask you something simple and yet, ageless?
It's been about a year since we've met in such close quarters
And I just can't help but wonder.
If I'm everything you've held me up to be?

In retro, You figured me an angel and an asshole.
How could We be so cruel.
And like "any given Sunday"
We'd let the games begin.
And to these arms, you'd come back one again.

Was it me or the music
That Krept inside your heart, and had you Fall so hard
Please don't confuse it.
I'm broken to the core.
yet, capable of more.

In New York
Stuck under an awning cause the rain storm
After everything went wrong
I'm the presence of the legends
Whose busts greeted us like hedges
And watched us as we struggled to be kind

You told me
Of the misbegotten boy who moved to Cali.
The one who wrote the lines
And whose memory was steeped
In the lyrics and the sheets.
imprinted you, the idea of a man.

Was it me or the music
That crept into your heart
And made you fall so hard?
Please don't confuse it.
I'm broken to the core
Yet capable of more!